many of our flavours rotate on an irregular basis – we offer fewer choices in spring and fall, more in summer
= flavours currently available we try our best to keep this list current, but occasionally we run out of one or
more flavours during the day and forget to update....
gelato sorbetto
after eight passionfruit cheese cake apricot
apple pie peanut butter chocolate chip aztec chocolate
amaretto PB&J banana
bubble gum peppermint chocolate chip banana strawberry
cappuccino pistachio almond blackberry merlot
caramel macchiato pumpkin pie blood orange
chai raspberry cheesecake

chocolate cheese cake root beer cherry
chocolate hazelnut rose petal cranberry orange
chocolate mousse rosemary sea salt chilli chocolate dark chocolate
chocolate peanut butter rum raisin espressorbetto
coconut sambuca lemon
crème brûlée sea salt caramel lime
dulce de leche smurf mango
espresso bean stracciatella peach
fior di latte strawberry cheesecake peach apricot
ginger tiramisu piña colada
grand marnier walnut & maple pineapple
green tea matcha white chocolate + raspberry raspberry
hazelnut rhubarb
honey lavender ruby red grapefruit
kulfi (pistachio + cardamom)
lemon cheese cake watermelon
madagascar vanilla
mochaccino sugarfree chocolate
new york cheesecake sugarfree mango
orange chocolate sugarfree strawberry
orange + chilli chocolate