Calliope Creek

Wednesday 19 Dec 2018

We all had leftover stew for breakfast, and then it was goodbye and on again. But first a few pictures.

They are leaving as well, back to their Biloela property and then 2 weeks with Therese’s parents in Sydney.

It was a relatively easy route today, mostly good dirt roads, 5 km on a smaller track and a bit of a steep climb, so there was some pushing involved. A bit different landscape, it all used to be dairy country until the market collapsed many years ago.

I got to the first Calliope Ck crossing at noon, had a swim and a rest, and then decided to continue to the 2nd crossing.

I’m glad I did, it’s a bit more rustic and the road seems less busy, although it’s only a few kms from the Dawson Highway. Another nice swim, cup of soup, blogging, and it’s time for tea. What variation of the same shall we have today?

Total 62k, just over 5 hours riding, 545m of uphills

Cattle Creek Rd – Creed mustering station

Tuesday 18 Dec 2018

Today was an easy day of flat to undulating country, with even a stretch of paved road thrown in for good measure.

I ended up at Cedric and Therese’s mustering shed where they have been working for the last few days branding, dehorning and castrating calves. All their 5 kids, ages 4 to 12, help out. Cedric was still busy spraying for noxious weeds, but soon after I arrived Therese served sandwiches for lunch, then we all went for a swim in one of the creeks on their property.

Two adults and 2 kids in the cab, 3 kids and 4 dogs and a kayak in the back. Next a tour around the property and it was dinner time after that. Cedric had already heated water so we could all have warm showers and while we were all doing that he was heating up a delicious beef stew. While they are here mustering they live in a big shed, all together in one big room. Just as I do they go to bed when the sun sets and get up at dawn. I slept on the floor on my comfy mattress. I had expected a snore fest, but not at all.

An incredibly hospitable family.

Total 57k, 4 hrs riding, 230m up and same amount down

Upper Ulam Recreation Reserve

Monday 17 Dec 2018

A leisurely start to the day since the post office doesn’t open until 9:00 anyway. It has been dry most of the night and the tent had dried out beautifully. I didn’t take much from my box of goodies, most I mailed on to Mt Perry, about 9 or 10 days away.

First a little ways back towards Kabra, then a little paved road which became dirt, which was then closed off to any traffic for a distance of 5 kms or so. I understand why because it steeply descended the range (up to 21%), and I was mighty glad I was going down rather than up!

Next it became a lovely muddy track. People who know me know how ecstatic I get when meeting mud. 😜 But soon again it became an excellent dirt road and the total distance today was again only 24 kms. But with my late start (I was finished at the PO at 10:00) that was enough.

A beautiful recreation reserve with shelters, BBQ (which I won’t use), toilets, running water. Super. The care taker had thoughtfully unlocked the gate for me this morning so I could easily let myself in.

I set up my tent in the largest shelter, so no need for the fly tonight. I had a hose shower and life is good again! A rest day also seems to have done my butt pimples some good, they weren’t acting up today. Or is it the antiseptic cream from Marlborough, or the anti fungal cream that the chemist in Rocky recommended, or the Aussie Butt Cream? Who knows, but I’ll keep putting all of them on for the next little while.

Total just 24k, 2:15 riding/walking time, 250m uphill but 370m down