Sunday 17 Mar 2019

Well, that was it for Rob ‘n BOB on the BNT! The next couple of days I may dilly dally through Canberra a bit, and prepare bike and trailer for their trip home on 20 March. But yes, it’s basically the end of my somewhat epic journey. A year in the planning, more than four months and over 4,500 kms on the trail, having met or remet countless wonderful people, about 2,000 pictures later, I can relive this trip over and over again. Of course there were the downs, especially early on, but overall it has been an incredibly rewarding experience again. And that is largely due to the incredible hospitality, helpfulness, interest, generosity of friends, BNT trail coordinators and staff, and strangers I’ve met along the way. A great big THANK YOU to every one of you! I couldn’t have done it without all of your support! Thank you especially all the people behind the BNT, for working so hard to keep this fantastic trail network alive and well!